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Introducing The Manna Village

Become a Villager Today!

We have purchased the property, but now the real work begins. Construction will begin soon and there is much to do to get ready. We’re asking you to jump in and get involved. There are many ways you can do that and finances are definitely one of those, however if you are looking for a way to get your hands dirty, there are many volunteer opportunities for you!

Become a Villager Today!

We are ready to purchase this property, but we need your help to get there financially. Our down payment is roughly $120,000. Your investment in The Manna Village is going to change lives in our community. Invest today and become a villager.

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. The same is true for restoring someone’s life, especially if they’ve lost everything. No single person or agency can do it all. It takes a lot of people working together. Sometimes it takes a whole village. 

Many people we serve need multiple resources, especially when they’re trying to put their lives back together. But here’s the challenge: even when agencies are willing to work together, these people still have to find a way to get from one agency to the next. This means that the folks who have the fewest resources have to drive from agency to agency for help — if they’re lucky enough to have a car. If they don’t have a car, they might spend several hours walking or riding the bus to organizations where they may or may not get assistance.

Manna Café is just one agency, and as much as we’d like to do everything, we can’t. But what if we create a community of like-minded people and agencies who are committed to restoring the lives of those who need to get on their feet? What if we build a village — a place of hope where folks can be loved, counseled, and supported all at the same time?

Introducing the Manna Village

We’re excited to announce that we’re under contract to purchase a 44,000 sq-ft complex that will be the future Manna Village. The Village will consist of four buildings.

Building 1 (The Big House) The Big House is a two-
story, 22,000 square foot building that dates back to the Civil War. It will house food distribution, offices and workspaces, a worship venue, a health clinic, and space for partnering agencies. 

Building 2 (Refuge Community Center) The Refuge will consist of a large multipurpose room, two areas to be used for training or as breakout rooms, a few smaller areas for computer labs, and a fully operational kitchen to support the activities in the Refuge Center.

Buildings 3 & 4Buildings 3 and 4 consist of two 7,500 square foot warehouses, each one sectioned off into three huge bays. We’ll divide two bays in Building 3 into smaller spaces for partner agencies such as clothing ministries, furniture ministries, and workforce-type organizations. The remaining bay will house Manna’s main commercial kitchen to support our meal programs. In Building 4, we’ll sort and store our food inventory.

We Need Your Help

In order for this village to operate and be successful, it is going to take a lot of people. Become a villager today by getting involved whether through finances, labor, or service. 

The Manna Village is going to shift things in our city and change our community forever. 

We’re asking you to be a part of it.


You can jump in and get your hands dirty now. Sign up below and get to work!


Text “Village” to 931-542-4772. Fill out the
one-time registration.

Donate Online

You can make a one-time donation or set up a recurring gift. Just choose “Village Campaign.”


Make checks payable to Manna Café Ministries. Write “Village Campaign” in the memo.

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Village Sponsors

There businesses and individuals have chosen to become “Villagers.” They are sponsoring Manna Café on this adventure. We encourage you to become villagers too and join us!

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